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Reading, writing, oracy and mathematics

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Narrowing the attainment gap for Key Stage 2 children in Bath and North East Somerset
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To achieve the Foundation Fund’s vision of narrowing the attainment gap for Key Stage 2 children living in Bath and North East Somerset, we have funded programmes that directly support children and their families.

We have engaged with pre-school settings and primary schools throughout Bath and North East Somerset to fund additional help for the most underserved children. Working through carefully selected delivery partners, we are providing extra support with foundational reading, writing, oracy and mathematics.

We ensure the most effective interventions and tools are available to children. By supporting childcare and educational settings as well as families we believe every child can leave primary school with the appropriate reading, writing, and numeracy skills.

One of our overarching solutions is to be able to support all underserved primary school pupils living in Bath and surrounding areas.  We will continue to engage with more schools, building on all the lessons learnt and exploring new ways in which we can help to reduce the attainment gap.