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Nutrition and safe spaces

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Narrowing the attainment gap for Key Stage 2 children in Bath and North East Somerset
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The relationship between nutrition, social and economic status, health and education is a complex one. What research has clearly shown is that diet has a direct impact on young children’s behaviour and academic performance at school. Good nutritional intake is vital.

We are working with  local stakeholders and national organisations to eradicate the need for emergency food provision and address the inequalities in educational attainment in Bath and North East Somerset.

Every young person has the potential to do well at school. However, lack of good nutrition inhibits brain development and it is vital we work together with our partners to make food poverty a thing of the past.  We will also make sure that woven into the physical infrastructure used to provide access to good food are safe places that can provide a place of calm and refuge to children.  The peace and security that these spaces provide will also contribute to children’s readiness to learn in the classroom.

Safe Places provides more than just a physical space. Our platform gives you access to a database of spaces and organisations providing activities and support across BaNES. Addressing the needs of children and families, Safe Places signposts to a range of venues and organisations providing activities and support to those in our community. View our map.