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2nd September 2019

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St John’s Foundation is a local charity that has supported the people of Bath and the surrounding area for over 847 years. Today, we work in partnership to build communities where children can grow into happy, healthy and educated members of society, while continuing to honour our founding principle of supporting older adults to live independently. Every aspect of our work is built upon our values of trust, kindness and courage, and inspired by our purpose: To change lives. For good.

How we support our community

Over the centuries we have developed a strong property and investment portfolio. Our financial independence gives us the ability to act as a neutral partner, to advocate for the organisations we support, and the ability to continually adapt and respond to the changing needs of our community. We constantly listen and learn from our community, to ensure our wealth has the greatest impact possible. Today, our support across Bath and the surrounding has developed in the following four areas:

The Foundation Fund

Despite outward appearances, Bath & North East Somerset is one of the most unequal places in the country. From one end to another the differences in literacy levels, life expectancy, unemployment and life chances are stark. In February 2020, in response to the growing disparity in our region, we launched a new fund to deliver the lasting social change our community needs. Our ambition is to use the Foundation Fund to significantly reduce the educational attainment gap (Key Stage 2) in BaNES by 2030.

Crisis Programme

Our goal has always been to use our wealth to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community have access to the support they need. As part of our ongoing work, our Crisis Programme provides vital financial support to individuals and families in Bath & North East Somerset who are struggling financially. The programme can be accessed through a referral process, and we can help with a range of items to meet essential needs, for example: beds, white goods, furniture, carpets, counselling, and debt support.

Support for older adults

Our overarching service provides older adults with self-contained accommodation (offered on a case-by-case basis), access to a full activities programme and pastoral care.

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