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About St John’s Foundation

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A community focused charity working across Bath and North East Somerset
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One of the UK’s oldest and most respected charities, we provide almshouse accommodation and help people in need throughout the Bath and North East Somerset area. Supporting children from birth to 12 years old, older people aged over 55, and people who have come to a point of crisis in their lives.

Understanding that we need to work together to ensure nobody gets left behind or forgotten, we take a holistic approach to our charitable work. We choose to work with local partner organisations for their specific knowledge and expertise, and their ability to help implement our initiatives and programmes with the greatest efficiency to support positive social change.

Like many modern charities we invest our funds wisely, in order to maximise returns and generate the income we require to ensure we can implement our charitable activities. These activities comprise a wide range of forward-thinking social initiatives and partnership programmes, and the provision of high-quality almshouse accommodation and associated services.

Founded in Bath on Christian principles by Bishop Reginald Fitzjocelyn in 1174, St John’s Hospital, now St John’s Foundation, is – and always has been – in many ways a thought-leader and a pioneer, often challenging the status quo, identifying where systems in society are broken or failing, and seeking solutions to fix them.

In order to extend the reach and social impact of our charitable work, we always share our experiences and learning with like-minded organisations throughout the UK and beyond. It is our duty as a community charity aiming to remove inequalities from society.