Care Quality Commission declares St John’s care as ‘Good’

Clare MacLeod

20th August 2019

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  • Care Quality Commission declares St John’s care as ‘Good’

CQC carried out an inspection of St John’s Independent Living Service in May 2019, concluding that the care we provide is ‘Good’ overall.

The inspection is assessed by 5 categories;
• Is the service safe?
• Is the service effective?
• Is the service caring?
• Is the service responsive?
• Is the service well-led?
All of which received a rating of ‘Good’.
During the visit, the CQC inspectors spoke with four St John’s residents who are in receipt of care, one relative and four members of staff, including the registered manager and senior support staff. The four residents in receipt of care had their care and support records reviewed, along with two staff files for each resident. Not only this but CQC also looked at records relating to the management of the service, such as incident and accident records, questionnaires, recruitment and training records, policies, audits and complaints.

It was reported that,

Staff were kind and caring and care plans were person-centred and contained important information relating to people’s likes and dislikes. People were supported by staff who promoted their independence and provided care in a dignified and respectful manner.

You can read the full CQC Inspection Report here.

The last CQC inspection took place in October 2016, for which we also received a rating of ‘Good’. We are delighted to have maintained this rating and will continue to ensure the highest quality of care for our residents at St John’s.