Impact Evaluation Report 2021-22 

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In 2020 we launched an ambitious strategy that focused on narrowing the attainment gap for Key Stage 2 children across Bath and North East Somerset by 2030. 

Through the Foundation Fund support is provided to children from birth to 12 years old to help them grow into healthy, happy educated members of our community. Interventions have been funded that directly work on increasing educational outcomes as well as addressing children’s physical, behavioural, and emotional needs. The Foundation Fund comprises three programmes: 

  • The Primary Empowerment Programme funds additional support with foundational reading, writing, maths, oracy, and with emotional and behavioural wellbeing. 
  • The Early Years Programmes funds speech, language and mental health support to children aged 3-5 in pre-school environments. 
  • The Nutritious Food and Safe Places Programme funds the distribution of food across the region, food clubs and pantries. 

This report contains the evaluation from the year 2021-22