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In today’s evolving world, handling the complexities of ever-changing administration and guidance can be challenging for older adults to keep on top of.

Studies have shown that the effects of advice services on the health of older adults are positive, and they can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. At St John’s, we provide a free advice service as part of our Good Living Service for almshouse-residents and anyone over the age of 55 living in Bath and North East Somerset.

Our service offers signposting, one to one support, tutorials, and lectures, all of which aim to provide help to mature adults, ensuring they can enjoy their independence and feel supported when handling their affairs.

Although there is a lot of advice out there, it can be a minefield to navigate, and for those who may struggle with technology, online information may alienate people. Our advice service is people focused and supports individuals to access the appropriate support in a variety of topics; anything from legal advice to accommodation and finances. Our team of Advisors can share their knowledge across a variety of areas and can signpost to external organisations who can provide advice on retirement planning or financial management.

This year, in particular, we have helped older adults navigate the cost-of-living crisis. With  rising energy bills and food prices, it’s no surprise that older adults are struggling financially. Whether it’s helping people find ways to cut down costs or tips on planning for the uncertain future, we have provided residents and the wider community with helpful guidance that supports their financial wellbeing.

At St John’s, our main aim is to positively impact lives and we believe our advice service increases the confidence of those we help. The knowledge they gain via the service can help them to make more informed decisions, allowing them to not feel overwhelmed and gain a sense of control.

Those who find benefit in our advice service may also enjoy our activities programme. With a vibrant curriculum of activities and events, our almshouse community and over 55s can choose to get involved in anything from sports, cooking, art and music to support their well-being and further enhance independent living in the community.

The importance of maintaining an active mind and body whilst steering away from stress and anxiety helps older adults live positive independent lives. Find out more about our services here.