Supporting Slow Shopping in SouthGate, Bath

Clare MacLeod

20th October 2018

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St John’s Foundation is delighted to support the roll out of Slow Shopping across the SouthGate shopping centre in Bath.

Slow Shopping is an initiative designed to help people who need a little extra support when visiting the shops, catering for individuals with anxiety or mental illness, those who struggle with communication or literacy, the elderly, those with dementia and all those who suffer from visible, invisible or intellectual disabilities. It’s really exciting because Slow Shopping is an inclusive project which is open to anyone!

Within SouthGate, a wide range of stores will offer a dedicated time each week where additional care will be available for any shoppers who need extra support.

The types of support provided range from specially trained staff, help points and chairs in stores to give shoppers the opportunity to rest while browsing, should they need it.

Slow shopping in SouthGate was launched on Wednesday 10th October 2018 and will be offered every Wednesday morning between 10am and 12 noon.

Nicole Jemson – Customer Engagement Manager, SouthGate Bath, said:

This has been a fabulous project to be a part of and we are delighted with how engaged the retailers are, they really understand that providing this valuable service encourages an environment where everyone feels comfortable to shop.

Slow Shopping was founded by Katherine Vero, following her experiences of shopping with her Mother as she developed dementia. Katherine has been working hard to roll out Slow Shopping across the country, and this partnership with SouthGate Bath will provide access to this valuable service to potentially thousands of shoppers in and around Bath, including our very own Almshouse residents.