Individual funding

Victoria Dulley

19th September 2019

St John’s Individual Funding Programme provides funding support to individuals and families in Bath & North East Somerset who are struggling financially.

The programme provides funding for a wide range of items that meet the most essential needs, such as beds, white goods, furniture, carpets, counselling, debt support and basic employment skills and training.

All applications must be made by a registered professional referrer. Once an application has been received, our aim is to respond within five working days, but we are able to respond within hours if the need is urgent.


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St John’s Individual Funding Programme provides funding support to individuals and families in Bath & North East Somerset who are struggling financially and have reached a point of crisis in their lives. We are able to respond quickly once an application has been received. Our aim is to respond within five working days, but we are able to respond within hours if the need is urgent.

To be eligible for support from the Individual Funding Programme, the individual or family:

• Must live within Bath and North East Somerset.
• Shall not have received funding support for an item or service that St John’s has already funded within the previous three years.
• Shall have an overall monthly disposable income of no more than £215. At our discretion, this can be higher if the family is larger or has some other extenuating circumstance).
• Shall not be residents of St John’s Foundation Almshouses.

Previous financial assistance from St John’s within the last 3 years is checked. Any sum already awarded will be deducted from their allowance. We cannot fund the same item more than once.

St John’s is able to fund items or services that improve the living circumstances of families and individuals. This may include the following:
• Furniture
• White goods
• Household items
• Clothing
• Removal Costs
• Repairs/decoration
• Carpets/Flooring
• Utility bills/rent/other arrears
• Bankruptcy fees/Debt Relief Order fee
• Educational courses leading to employment
• Counselling/Mentoring
• Funeral Expenses
• Other payments at the discretion of the funding team to assist within the above guidelines.


St John’s will not fund the following:
• Repeat applications for the same item
• Loans
• Fines (including Magistrate Court Fines)
• Deposits or Rent in Advance
• Retrospective Funding (any item or cost which has been spent prior to approval by the funding team)
• Gap Year Projects
• Gifts
• Holidays (we may consider funding trips for children which enrich learning opportunities)
• Vet bills and any costs relating to pets
• Legal Aid

Is funding the best option?

St John’s reserves the right to refuse funding if it is felt that funding is not in the best interest for the beneficiary in the long term. An example of not funding in the best interest would be if an individual is continually getting into debt and it is felt that this problem wouldn’t be solved with our funding. Our feedback in this instance would be that the beneficiary needs to get these problems addressed rather than rely on funding that wouldn’t deal with the long-term causes. Another example would be if we believe the beneficiary has an adequate budget to pay for the items requested, in which case we may suggest they seek budgeting support rather than funding, which would be more beneficial in the long run.

Related legislation/regulations

St John’s requires referrers when submitting applications to have full consent from the beneficiaries to share information, as indicated by the statement below which is displayed on our application form:
“By continuing with this application you confirm that you have unambiguous proof of consent from the beneficiary to share their personal information with St John’s Foundation.”

All information held, and the processes of using personal and sensitive information adhere to data protection law.

If you have any questions about completing our application form please do not hesitate to contact our Funding and Impact Officers on 01225 486452 or 01225 486407, email

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Individual funding programme application guidelines
Applications to St John’s will only be accepted if submitted by referral partners via the online portal. Applications are not accepted directly from individuals looking for support. Referral partners are approved by the funding team; these include charities, health professionals, local authority and other third sector organisations.

How to register as a referral partner
To register as a referrer, please click ‘Apply Now’ above to register as a user of our Funding Portal and access the application form. You will be sent a link to set your own password which will give you access to your own secure area of the applications system through which you can submit applications.

Evidence of client’s income and expenditure
We need to see evidence of the client’s income and expenditure uploaded with the application. This can be in the form of one or more of the following documents:

• Universal Credit screen shots
• and/or Bank statements & Benefit Statements

If we are to pay utilities arrears, rent arrears or any other bill we will need to see:
• Copies of bills (ie Council Tax bill or utility bill)
• Rent statements
• Other bills (documentation must contain payee information to accompany a cheque)

Income & Expenditure boxes must be completed with monthly figures. Disposable monthly income should ideally be less than £215 per month, but we can accept a higher figure in certain circumstances.

Previous financial assistance from St John’s within the last 3 years is checked. Any sum already awarded will be deducted from their allowance. We cannot fund the same item more than once.

How to complete an application
There are five sections to complete an Individual Application Form, these are:


Please note: All mandatory fields must be completed and the relevant documents uploaded before submission, or the submission process will fail. However, you can ‘Save For Later’ if you do not have all the documents at hand.

Please give details of all those living in the household including children and other dependants, starting with the main adult.

Complete the current address details. If they are moving, click on the ‘Add New Address’ button and enter the details of the address they are moving to and the date of the move.

Q1. In order for us to be able to make an informed decision we need all the relevant information so please complete the form as fully as possible. Please explain the difficulties faced by the applicants, the reasons for needing the grant and how it will benefit them. Failure to do this will result in a delay to processing the application.

Q2. Please list the help required. This needs to be kept concise (any explanation should have been addressed in the previous question).
List items in order of priority as we may not be able to help with everything requested.

We have regular suppliers for household goods so please just list the type of item required in this case. Eg. Cooker, carpets, wardrobe, curtains x4 etc.

For payment of arrears or services please upload a copy of account or bill which includes payment details. The document upload facility is in the ‘Applicant(s) Financial Circumstances section. Payment will be made by cheque or BACS directly to the supplier. We do not make payments to the recipients of the funding.

We have identified areas of need within our community and this is something we hope to address through our grants programmes. It is helpful for us to identify which social issues are being addressed and we have therefore asked you to identify those that apply to the applicant/s. You must select at least 1 but can select up to 3. We realise there may be more than this but please select the 3 most relevant.

List income from everyone living in the household, including partners and children if relevant. This should include wages, benefits, maintenance, contributions from adult children/lodgers etc.

You must also include proof of income such as a recent bank statement or benefits statements. Please also ensure that the Income and Expenditure boxes are completed with monthly amounts, and that the income/benefits figures match the income on the uploaded statements. If there is a bill to pay, this must be uploaded too.  Failure to do this may result in an application being declined.

If you have any questions about completing our application form please do not hesitate to contact our Funding and Impact Officers on 01225 486452 or 01225 486407, email

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Employment and work-related support

DWP, Job Centre: Anyone who is unemployed can access support from the Job Centre to get into employment. This can involve financial support to attend courses, to purchase equipment and to remove any barriers that may be preventing people getting into employment.

Future Bright is for employed people receiving benefits or tax credits and looking to develop their careers. They offer advice, training and a personal budget to pay for courses and equipment.

Learner Support is a Government scheme for applicants aged over 19 years who are already on a further education course but not receiving student finance. Provides funding for accommodation and travel, course materials, equipment and childcare.

Sure Start Maternity grant

Wheels to Work voucher distributors

Financial Support

DHP can pay rent arrears, or the shortfall between the amount of rent being paid and the benefits received. Applicants need to be in receipt of Housing Benefit or the Housing Element of Universal Credit to be eligible. Applications need to be sent in by post.

Welfare Support (01225 477277)
Offices in Manvers Street, Bath, and above the One Stop Shop in Midsomer Norton.

Clothing and School Uniform

Skip: The School Kit Project (07944 46894) For uniforms, shoes, coats, bags, stationary etc. They will accept referrals from schools, agencies or any other organisation liaising with the family who can confirm their circumstances.

• The Clothes Line (Mercy in Action)
For clothing, shoes and school uniforms. Drop-in centre at The Jubilee Centre on Lower Bristol Road every Monday from 12-3pm.

Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust– Grants for families where the parent/s work (or have previously worked) within the fashion and textile industry. This is much broader than it sounds – for example it includes supermarkets that sell clothes, carpet shops, laundries. They can fund white goods, clothes, furniture, mobility equipment.


Homefinder Scheme

Other Funders

Dawe Family Trust provides small grants to individuals in need in the UK and around the world.

Disabled Facilities Grants – For amendments to the home, e.g. widening doors, installing stairlifts, specialised showers, etc.

Family Action– Family Action’s Welfare Grants programme aims to help prevent an immediate crisis from spiralling and threatening the stability of families and individuals – e.g. white goods. All applications need to be made online via a referrer.

NB: They will not fund council tax, rent or utility bill arrears or any other sort of debt.

Glasspool provides timely, small, one-off grants to individuals and families in need of financial support for everyday items to help them set up or remain in their home or improve their well-being.

Healthy Start – An NHS scheme. Free vouchers every week to spend on milk, fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, infant formula milk and also free vitamins. Applicants need to either be pregnant or have children under the age of four and be on benefits (or be pregnant and under 18). Vouchers can be redeemed in numerous supermarkets.

St Monica Trust Community Fund – Applicants must be over 40 years of age, have a physical disability or long-term physical health problem, live in B&NES, Bristol or South Gloucestershire and have a low income and limited savings.

The Bright Side of Life provide funding for ill or disadvantaged children to improve their conditions of life.

The Family Fund provide help for disabled children.

Turn2us – this website lists all relevant funding across the country. They also have a couple of funds:
Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund – Grants for people with a professional background who need help in a crisis.

Turn2us Response Fund – Help for people who have experienced a life-changing event in the last twelve months, such as redundancy, domestic abuse, bereavement etc.

Variety provide equipment grants for ill or disabled children.

Vicar’s Relief Fund – the VRF supports vulnerable individuals across the UK by providing crisis grants, usually within 1-3 days. They focus on accessing accommodation, preventing eviction and setting up home.


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Organisations registered as Individual Funding Programme Referral Partners in 2019

Action for Children
Age UK
AWP – Recovery Team
AWP Specialist Drug and Alcohol Service BaNES
B&NES Children’s Social Care
B&NES Children Center
B&NES Connecting Families
B&NES Council
B&NES Family Intervention Team
Bath Area Play Project
Bath Mind
BathNES Fit
Bath Rugby Foundation
Bright Start Childrens Centre
Bristol Children’s Hospital
Cameley CEVC Primary School
Carers’ Centre
Carers Support Centre
Citizens Advice
Developing Health & Independence
DHI My Script
Focus Counselling
Fosseway School
Future Bright BANES
Genesis Furniture Project
Genesis Trust Bath
Home Group
Julian House
Keynsham Children’s Centre
Life Charity
Mercy in Action
National Probation Service
Options for Living
Parkside Children’s Centre
Radstock Children’s Centre
Second Step
Solon South West Housing Association
Southside Family Project
Sovereign Housing Association
St Mungo’s
Stroud Beresford Group
Three Ways School
Virgin Care
WE Care & Repair
Welfare Support
Wiltshire Citizens Advice
YMCA Bath Group
Youth Connect
Youth Offending Service

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Q. What do you mean by ‘Professional Referrer’?

A. Professional Support Worker of a registered charity. We rely on our Professional Referrers to provide us with accurate, relevant information in order for us to make a decision to award funding.


Q. What is your response time for an individual funding application?

A. On average, five working days. We are able to respond quickly once an application has been submitted, sometimes within hours. However, we aim to make a decision within five working days.


Q. What issues do you address via your Funding Support Programme?

A. We support projects which tackle six key social issues:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Housing
  • Isolation
  • Poverty
  • Relationships
  • Employment and Skills


Q. When can referrers apply for funding?

A. All year round. We accept applications at any time.


Q. Can we fill out a printed application form?

A. No. We only accept online applications. Referrers need to register via our website and then complete an online form.

Our client was in a very difficult debt situation which left her with virtually nothing to live on after deductions from her Universal Credit.
I assisted her to submit her bankruptcy application yesterday and she said it is a huge weight off her shoulders. She told me that she felt she had no options when she was referred to me, and often contemplated suicide. She is now managing well.
Thank you!


Had a real positive impact on her mental health and helped her financially. She is now able to engage better with mental health services, as she often couldn’t hear the door but now they can use the key safe to let themselves in to see her. Now she has a washing machine she is able to have clean clothes and doesn’t need to rely on friends to pick up her washing to take to the laundrette for her. She is also housebound and agoraphobic, so having her tv license sorted has relieved a lot of pressure in terms of debt and also allowed her to be able to watch tv again. Overall it boosted her wellbeing so much!


The children’s bedroom floors were bare and cold and it was difficult to keep the rooms warm. Now that they are carpeted it has made a huge difference to their well-being and has given them a safe, warm and inviting environment to sleep and spend time in. For this, the family are very grateful.
With B&Q vouchers, I was able to support the family to purchase wall paper paint and decorating materials in order to renovate the lounge, which has given the family a comfortable room to spend time in together. This has made a massively positive impact on the family’s wellbeing and a step towards being able to sustain themselves without the support of services.

The application process is straightforward and accessibility to information is easily obtainable, particularly since the launch of the new website which is easy to navigate, has a modern feel and contains the celebrations of many successful stories of the good work that St. John’s continue to support with. The department team are responsive and will always go the extra mile where needed. Funding and support through St John’s is invaluable to the families that we work with and leads to many of our families being able to sustain an independent life and contribute back into their community and society.


The funding has greatly improved my client’s situation. He had moved into a lovely new flat after being in supported housing but was unable to furnish it himself. The flat had no carpets and curtains, and this made it feel incredibly cold and dreary, especially as the weather was getting colder. My client was not able to relax and enjoy his new home due to this. The support from St John’s was absolutely amazing and curtains were ordered straight away and within a week the carpet was being fitted. Now that the flooring and curtains are sorted, he has been able to feel at home and is over the moon with his flat.

The application process was very easy and the response was much faster than I expected. The team were absolutely brilliant and incredibly patient and responsive, and everything went incredibly smoothly. I have been telling all my colleagues about St John’s and the incredibly easy application process and the communication from staff.