St John’s runs the Bath Half Marathon

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Few things are as powerful as the ability to read. We are able to experience joy alongside the characters whose tales we know and love. The pages we read give us inspiration, hope, motivation and most importantly happiness, as well providing the foundation for our ability to learn and understand the world around us.

St John’s is passionate about supporting children as they learn and grow. It is vital to us that we work with others to provide an environment where children have the chance to live happy, healthy lives and in turn, contribute to our communities for generations to come.

This year, we will be donating all proceeds from our Bath Half run to the schools we support through our Foundation Fund initiative. The Fund targets children from pre-birth to the beginning of secondary school and has been designed to reduce the educational attainment gap across Bath and North East Somerset, by providing a wealth of support in areas such as oracy, literacy, maths, and emotional and behavioural health.

All monies  raised will provide books to the  primary schools we support through the Foundation Fund and will benefit students in not only their learning, but also enhancing their imagination and creativity, encouraging social skills amongst their peers and the wider community. Together we can work together to ensure all children have access to a fair and equal start in their lives.