Where art meets a terminal lung cancer diagnosis

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Exciting British Artist Dan W Griffin today announced ‘Dignitastic! Where Art Meets a Terminal Lung Cancer Diagnosis’, an exhilarating new art exhibition at 44AD Artspace Gallery in the beautiful Roman Spa City of Bath.

To celebrate, he is gifting the city’s Royal United Hospital a unique work created exclusively for the staff and patients of the Oncology Department. The presentation will take place at the hospital in August at a time to be confirmed.


Diagnosed in January 2020 with an ultra rare form of lung cancer, Dan, a filmmaker, had barely begun to come to terms with the finality of his existence when the Covid pandemic struck and the nation entered the surrealism of lockdown. “It had crossed my mind that the Apocalypse was upon us” Dan said, “but I had thought the same thing when a corrupt orange sociopath and former game show host was elected to the US presidency. I didn’t know what was going on with the world, I just had an impulse to paint. And so I did.”

Dan’s work is greatly inspired and influenced by the natural world and the elements, consistently reflecting a parallel between his own stark reality and the raw, brutal power and stunning beauty of the Earth. “My artistic mission is, and has always been to fill my life with colour. Not all cancers are terminal, but each and every diagnosis is, for patients, their families and their friends, dark and often frightening. It’s not much, and I wish I could offer more, but I hope my work can introduce a little colour to the darkness; perhaps a little optimism, a dash of positivity to us all.”

Dignitastic! Where Art Meets a Terminal Lung Cancer Diagnosis is Dan W Griffin’s first ever public exhibition. It opens August 24th at 44AD Artspace Gallery at 4 Abbey Street in the beautiful Roman Spa City of Bath for five days. Private and One-on-One Guided Views are available. For more information or to apply, please contact the gallery, or visit the website.