Why & How

Why does St John’s play such a vital role in Bath and the surrounding area?

The environment that St John’s operates in, is a challenging one, where wealth and deprivation sit side by side.

St John’s Funding Support Team witnesses, first-hand, the true levels of need that exist beneath the glossy veneer and we are working hard to try and address some of these issues.

Snapshot of issues impacting Bath and the surrounding area:


How does St John’s help to address the social issues affecting our communities?

For the first time in history, adults 60 and over are now the fastest growing group in our population. This changes both society’s demographic and lifestyle expectations.

All of us want the ageing process and living on one’s own to be a positive experience with opportunities. Our mission through the Good Living Service, is to make this a reality. Access to support services, together with varied social life and being part of a thriving community all help older adults maintain an independent lifestyle.

The Good Living Service focusses on supporting older adults to live independent lives. While offering a comprehensive range of services such as alms apartments and a varied activity programme. We also signpost to other providers and agencies. All of this helps us to create a thriving community shaped by individuals.

The amount of funding awarded has been increasing, year on year, and we currently distribute £2.1 million annually to local organisations and charities; these organisations approach St John’s on behalf of individuals who have reached a crisis point in their lives. Often this is as a direct result of local authority cutbacks in the region, house prices being significantly out of the reach of most people and the current five-week wait for Universal Credit.

With its long-established reputation, St John’s has built valuable partnerships with local organisations that are providing critical front-line services. The charity believes that the greatest impact comes from working in collaboration with others, not in isolation.