Useful links

Support for older adults

You can find plenty of information and support for older adults, including State Pension, Fuel & Heating Benefits, Medical & Lifestyle Discounts, Befriending Services and much more, here.

Additionally, Jessica Johal has recently launched The Essentials of Safe Independent Living Guide and it’s full of helpful information for older adults who are living alone or are isolated, with useful tips and advice on well-being, safety and dealing with loneliness. You can access the guide here.

Support with accommodation

If you require additional support with seeking accommodation, you can contact Age UK BaNES on 01225 466135. Age UK can provide advice and details of Supported Housing Providers in Bath.

Alternatively, you can register with BaNES Home Search and explore over 55 sheltered and supported housing properties within Bath. To contact the team, call 01225 39611.

Support for carers

BaNES Carers’ Centre offers advice and support. To contact the team, call 01761 431388.