Case studies


Peggy's story

Peggy, a resident at St John’s Foundation, was admitted to hospital in November 2017 following a bad fall, resulting in a broken hip. This meant that Peggy was in hospital over the Christmas period. Staff were delighted that she was able to return to her home at St John’s in the New Year. The hospital was happy to release her knowing the care and support that would be provided for her by the Independent Living Service (ILS) at St John’s.

I am so grateful to be living here it is so lovely to feel looked after and safe.

In May 2019, Peggy received an invitation to the wedding of good friend, and she was desperate to attend. Her fall a couple of years previously had affected her confidence and she didn’t go out as much as she used to; although she really wanted to go to the wedding, she felt this was going to be a big challenge on her own. Step forward our ILS team leader, Paul, who was happy to accompany her.

Having Paul at her side, comforted Peggy and she had a wonderful afternoon attending the wedding service at Bath’s Guildhall, together with the reception in The Pump Rooms. Not least, the couple getting married were delighted that Peggy was able to attend.


Ethel's story

The Independent Living Service are on site 24 hours a day to support residents in care, distress and emergencies. Ethel* had been feeling very unwell, so the ILS supported her by communicating with doctors, nurses and occupational therapists to ensure she gains as much independence as she could manage.  The ILS team further supported her with food preparation, personal care and laundry.

All residents have access to 24-hour support via a ‘falls’ monitor and an alarm system to alert staff in the event of an emergency.

We tailored a care plan for Ethel, with the consent and involvement of her and her family.

*resident’s name has been changed for privacy reasons

Sandra's story

Following a bad fall, Sandra* was admitted to hospital for a short period. She received visits from the Independent Living team while in hospital and was supported to have a safe discharge when assessed by the Head of Care and Community Services and Team Leader.

Home safely, Sandra was supported by our Independent Living Service with laundry, shopping, housekeeping and chaperoning to check-ups and follow-up hospital appointments.

With Sandra’s consent , a short-term care plan was put in place to support her. As a result, Sandra recovered fully, regaining her strength and confidence.

*resident’s name has been changed for privacy reasons