Case studies


Mike Carr

Mike Carr was born and grew up in Wiltshire. Now retired, he trained in steelwork and he has worked on oil rigs in the UK and abroad. He lived in Amsterdam for 22 years and speaks fluent Dutch. Mike now lives in Bath and has no family living locally, although his sister visits him once a year.

“I came to St John’s to find out about exercise classes because of an old injury to my knee that a splaying up. I wanted to walk better and be without pain. I’ve been coming to St John’s Chair-Based Exercise for a few months now, and it’s very good. I don’t have the pain anymore and I’m feeling so much better in myself. If you do what the instructor tells you to, it makes such a difference. I’ve met a great crowd of people, some of whom have become good friends – including someone I can speak Dutch with!

With one of my pals from the exercise group, I joined the ‘Have a go at art’ activity at St John’s. I’m no good at art but I so enjoy it. Its much better than sitting around my flat feeling sorry for myself. The days can feel very long when you are on your own. I used to feel lonely and bored, but now I’ve got something to get up for in the mornings. I’ve just started the weekly Cooking Group on a Tuesday and I can’t wait to get the pans out1

Coming to St John’s is the best thing I ever did. I need to be sociable and talk to people rather than be by myself – now I’m out more than ever before. Boredom and loneliness are a recipe for depression. My days are filled now, thanks to St John’s Foundation.”