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We support organisations such as Developing Health & Independence (DHI), who work with disadvantaged people and those who need a bit of extra help to be able to live independently.

Clare MacLeod

2nd September 2019

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The environment in Bath that St John’s operates in, is a challenging one, where wealth and deprivation sit side by side.

St John’s Funding Support team witnesses first-hand the levels of need and the charity is working hard to try and address the numerous social inequalities that exist within our region.

The charity is constantly adapting and extending its reach to help meet these needs, and current statistics highlight why St John’s support is so vital:

There are over 4000 people currently on social housing waiting lists in the region.

There has been a 50% increase in applications from people seeking help in relation to debt problems. Many of these individuals are termed the ‘working poor’ – these are people who are in work, but still are unable to make ends meet.

House prices in Bath are 14 times higher than average earnings, so getting on the housing ladder is out of reach for many people.

Isolation and loneliness amongst the older population is a huge issue with research showing that lacking social connections is as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and the likelihood of mortality increases to 26%.

Local authority cutbacks in our region will amount to over £70 million between the period from 2013 to 2020.

The 5-week wait for Universal Credit to be paid has seen huge rises in foodbank attendance.

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