St John’s runs the Bath Half



We have gathered 20 dedicated staff members, friends, family members and colleagues to run the 2022 Bath Half. Our wonderful team will be raising money that will be spent on changing the lives of disadvantaged members of our community.

The money we raise will go towards both our Foundation Fund and our Good Living Service. The money going towards the Foundation Fund will be spent on supporting disadvantaged children; bettering their education, supporting their emotional needs, ensuring they have safe places to go outside school, as well as nutricious meals to eat.

The donations that go to our Good Living service will support the health and wellbeing of older adults in Bath. We provide shelter for aging adults, as well as offering services to improve mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, by offering a varied activities programme.

Not one person in our community has gone unscathed by the pandemic – some far more than others. The need for charity has been more crucial than ever, particularly for those already in need. The work St Johns delivers to support the community of Bath and North East Somerset is imperative and we are proud to have had a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

With your support, we can reach more people and have a greater impact. Please donate today.